TWAIN Importer

TWAIN Importer 5.0

It is a virtual Twain driver for importing images into Twain scan application

Twain Importer is a virtual Twain driver for importing existing images into Twain complaint scan application. It is helpful for unifying operations with images from multifunctional devices (MFP), Network Scanners, E-mails or if your Twain-based capture application does not support some file format (for example PDF documents) or you need to test Twain-based application (especially using Microsoft or VMware virtual technologies). TwainImporter can be very helpful in Sales or Support scenarios because allows to avoid using expensive hardware scanners. Twain Importer is available as 32-bit and 64-bit driver. It supports the following image formats and compressions: PDF (including text PDF, image PDF and image plus text PDF documents), TIFF (including multipage), JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, GIF, Bitmap, ICO, TGA, PCX, and WMF. Twain Importer can be used within many common workflows, like:
-Process images from MFP (MFD) into local or shared folder
-Import PDF documents into document imaging systems
-Present your capture product to customers on notebook without real hardware
-Import from Microsoft Sharepoint Shared folder
-Import from attached digital camera or flash drive
-Quickly insert number of images into Microsoft Word

Twain Importer is simple to use: all you need is to specify a folder with images and Twain Importer will transfer them into your favorite Twain application using usual profiles and processes.

Twain Importer can also help to improve images quality for further OCR or barcode recognition and decrease size of images. Now it can convert color documents to binary, detect and remove paper color from documents and rotate images during transferring.

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